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All the summer programs are 6 weeks in length.  Starting and ending dates can be flexible.  The cost for the 6 week program is $90 if the lessons are in my home studio and $120 in your own home.  Materials for the classes are additional and average between $8 and $15 for the 6 week class.

Piano Lessons

  • Beginners will learn the notes on the keyboard, basic rhythms and start to play simple melodies.

  • Students who already have the basic skills can choose to continue enhancing these skills or choose to focus on a specific techniques such as sight reading or rhythm.

Theory Lessons

Do you play an instrument and want to learn more about music theory?  This class can start you at the very beginning or meet you where you are and move on to more advanced topics.

Beginning Voice

This class is geared for beginning students who want to learn the proper techniques for singing:  breath support, diction, etc.  You can bring in a song you want to learn or we can choose songs from my collection.

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