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The First Note


Learning to play the piano is a skill that anyone can do with patience and practice.  Along with that skill my goal is to teach a love of music through listening and exposing students to multiple genres and composers.  

Studio Philosophy


"POSITIVE FIRST"  We can all be our own harshest critics and this makes it hard to learn new skills.  After any practice session or performance find at least one area for praise before moving on to any constructive criticism.  Focusing on your progress makes learning more enjoyable and will actually help you pick up skills more quickly.


Learning to play the piano looks different for every student.  For intermediate and advanced students I make repertoire recommendations based on the students' interests and the skills they are working on.  For beginners the studio uses a variety of piano methods including:  Music for Little Mozarts, Piano Adventures and Piano Town.  The program used depends on the student's age, skill level and learning style.  Each of these methods includes lesson and theory books that can be purchased from the studio.  


My performance begins at 30:19

Marlene Wagner
I am a trained classical pianist and have been playing the piano since age 5.  I play all styles of music from classical to big band to contemporary pop and rock. I have been working as an accompanist for over 30 years.  

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17 Marshview Circle, Yarmouth, ME  04096  207-847-3227

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